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Introducing an experience that redefines the boundaries of the crypto world. We are a powerful launchpad platform ushering in the next generation of token projects. We provide crypto entrepreneurs and investors with an opportunity to open the doors of innovation and shape the future. As your trusted partner to introduce your tokens and projects to the world, we offer a fast and secure launch process. Our team is a passionate and expert group with years of experience. We stand by your side to ensure the success of your projects.


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Fast and secure token launches Bridging investors and projects Comprehensive consulting and support An ecosystem open to innovation Digital asset management and security Lets build the future of the crypto world together. Start with us today and take the first step on your journey. Seize and change the future!

GLI, originally starting as the MEME token, is now a project with its own LaunchPad run by the Rapid Chain Foundation. This community-driven project has no team allocation, and its supply is very low, with all tokens already in circulation

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All Supply in Circulation200 000
Token Holders1 506
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Instagram Followers23 100

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